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Here's how to delete this DAMN AIM virus

Ok guys, I got the AIM virus that has been going around. And I think I know how to delete it. Here is a step by step solution to deleting it, let me know if it works!
Before you begin, open up the "Sign On" thingy when you first click the icon where it asks you to type in your password. Where your screenname is, I want you to highlight your screen name, and hit the 'delete' key on your keyboard. It's near the 'backspace' button in that group of 6 keys. Do this to ALL the screen names!

1) Go to your C:/ drive. Click 'My Computer' and it will be under there.
2) Now find a folder titled 'WINDOWS'.
3) Double-click it, and when it upens up, look for a folder titled 'AIM' and one titled 'aod'.
4) Here comes the fun. Delete these files. To do this, right click on them and select 'delete' from the options.
5) Now, hit the back button and look for a folder titled 'Program Files'. Double-click it..
6) Under here, look for a folder titled 'AIM' and a folder titled 'aod'. The 'aod' folder may not exist, that's a good thing!
7) Again, delete these folders.
8) Now go to 'My Control Panel' which is found under "My Computer".
9) Find a program titled "Add/Remove Programs". Double click this, and remove 'AOL Instant Messenger'. Restart your computer and download AIM again from .